The laboratory is under development.      

For Cementing we will have equipment such as: 
- a consistometer for thickening time v an UCA for compressive strength  
-  an atmospheric consistometer 
- a Fluid loss v a rheometer for viscosity 
- a BP settling test 
- a mud balance for density      

For acidizing we will do tests such as:
-Rheology of gelled or cross-linked fluids 
-Water analysis 
-Emulsion tests, wax and asphaltenes 
-pH testing of produced fluids 
-Sludge creation 

 NB: equpment for laboratory is being acquired


 Cementing Blend for Slurries between 8.7 lbs/gal (1.12 SG) and 12.5 lbs/gal (1.50 SG)  
Standard slurry 
Cement for Slurries between 1.60 SG and 2.00 SG 
Cementing Blend for Slurries between 17.10 lbs/gal (2.05 SG) and 21.20 lbs/gal (2.50 SG) 
Salt Saturated or not saturated cement slurry.  
Cementing slurries used across salt formation in order to prevent slurry de-hydration and premature flush-set or hardening


We offer some acidizing services like : 
- HCL (15-20X) for carbonate rocks      
- Mud acid for sandstone      
- Emulsified acid Acid which is a retarded-reaction acid system for the stimulation of the oil producing carbonate reservoirs at bottom hole temperatures of up to 225 °F (107°C). The system consists of an oil external phases/acid internal phase emulsion